Biodynamic Breath Trauma Release Introductory Workshop

release long held tension & trauma from your physical & emotional body

Saturday April 27th 2-5pm

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Feel lighter, softer, more resilient

Regain your sense of self allowing more joy and happiness

Be aware of new spaciousness in your breath &

Experience less muscular tension so you can move more easily

Be more comfortable in different situations to regain your sense of belonging

What is it?

Biodynamic Breath Trauma Release is a powerful modality for freeing up the body of tension and resolving incomplete fight/flight/freeze responses stored in the nervous system. 

In this 3-hour introductory workshop to the Biodynamic Breath Trauma Release System (BBTRS) you will be guided through a beautiful and intensive journey of opening up the breath and body, and releasing belts of tension in the body through movement, sound, meditation, group & partner exercises, conscious connected breathing and more. There will be laughter, play, tears, connection and lots of expansion.

This fully experiential workshop is designed to break through layers of body armoring, releasing mental, emotional & physical resistance and stress from your nervous system and cellular memory. As a result, you will intimately reconnect with your true essence and bring about a deeper connection to others, whilst creating internal space and a sense of vitality.

This practice allows the stuck ‘fight or flight’ response to be completed in a safe and supported environment. This, in turn, unlocks enormous amounts of energy which was previously used for contraction and holding.

We will be working with the felt sense, somatic experiencing, titration, resonance & rapport to move into the deeper realms of trust and surrender.

Is this for me if I don’t have any trauma?

You may not identify as having any ‘big-T’ trauma, however most people have ‘little-t’ trauma whether you are aware of it or not.

‘Small-t’ traumas are sometimes even from positive life events where you felt a loss of control. They can become tensions in the body, and affect quality of life when we experience several of them and undertake avoidant behaviours so we can seem strong or in control.

Here is an article outlining the difference between big T and little t trauma

Releasing the old to make space for the new is a powerful portal through which you can discover the infinite, unrealized potential, which exists within each one of you. 

This workshop is for you:

  • To clear tensions held in the body from past experiences

  • If you’ve had invasive medical interventions, surgeries, accidents or experienced loss of any kind

  • if you’re looking for more comfort & freedom in your breath and movement

  • To regain your sense of place and belonging

  • If you’d like to experience an introduction to the BBTR work

  • To deepen your understanding of body-oriented therapies


how did i feel after a session?

Following a 1:1 session with Nirmoha I could breathe more deeply and did not feel the constriction around the ribs which I have felt for years. I found that I could move into deeper back bends in my yoga practice as well - I’m guessing the diaphragm and hip flexers released long-held tension.

Importantly, I feel less anxious. Generally, calmer, more focused and able to deal with situations that have previously made me feel very anxious more easily.

I am looking forward to another session to work on other bands of muscular tension in my body and continue to reduce the feelings of anxiety I have lived with so long following incidents of both small-t and big-T trauma in my life.

Sam Seghers

 Your facilitator 


Nirmoha Sironic

I came to this work through the exploration of my own healing, which has been a life long journey that has taken me across the globe to study a variety of healing modalities.

My experience as a body worker stems from a solid foundation in biodynamic-craniosacral therapy, trauma resolution, pre & perinatal therapy and Chi Nei Tsang. I am also a certified Sexological body worker and a Certified Self-Cervix practitioner.

I am a living example of how this work can change lives. My own personal journey of transformation has led me to believe that the breath is an alchemical process that assists us in transmuting past trauma into our own precious and unique gifts.

 This workshop is NOT suitable for people with the following conditions:

  • severe psychiatric symptoms i.e. paranoia or psychosis or mental illness

  • high or abnormal blood pressure

  • history of aneurysms

  • epilepsy or history of seizures

  • anyone on heavy medication

  • women who are pregnant

  • bipolar disorder

  • recent surgery

  • glaucoma

  • severe asthma

  • minors under 16 years of age

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Saturday April 27th 2-5pm at

Redcliffe Yoga & Massage


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