Meditation for beginners

4-week series

Friday nights

February 8, 15, 22nd & March 8th, 2019 
7 - 8pm

Have you ever thought “I can’t meditate”?

I used to!

  • Know that you can meditate

  • Find the kind of meditation that resonates with you,

  • Understand that you don’t just have to sit there, trying to do nothing, there are other options

This is not just a meditation class

workshop techniques you can use at home

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Understand how:

you can reach a meditative state

you can work with your mind
not against it

you can stay comfortable
as you meditate

Experience different techniques over four weeks.

Workshop hints and ideas to help you return to stillness, calm and space each day, even when you are busy.

Experiment with ways to meditate comfortably, in the best way for your body on any given day.

Learn how to apply these techniques in your everyday life so you can step away from busyness, know how to slow the breath, and keep yourself more able to do the things you want, and need, to do each day.


mediTation for you

Understand the different kinds of meditation available out there.

Experiment with different techniques, so you can identify which ones are best for you.

Feel self-judgement fall away as you understand why you couldn’t meditate before. Hey, I couldn’t settle my racing thoughts for a long time, and many beginner meditators report the same thing - so you are not alone!

Appreciate how much your mind looks out for you each day. Love your mind where it is now, and on any given day, allowing you the freedom to meditate, free of expectations.T

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IS it comfortable for you?

Feel comfortable as you meditate, both physically and mentally.

Sitting may not be the best way for you to meditate, lying down may put you straight to sleep. There are differences day to day depending on so many variables.

Learn those differences, so you can accept where you are on any given day and choose the best way for you to meditate depending on

Once you know how to make yourself comfortable, you can start to enjoy the benefits that a regular meditation practice can bring.


Your teacher

“I used to think I couldn’t meditate, Even after starting yoga. Then one teacher explained the goal of different kinds of meditation, then I realised I could.”

My meditation has helped me focus better and improved my productivity. It has helped me calm my mind and bring warmth to my heart.

I provide understanding, non-judgemental yoga and meditation. Come along to learn more about your mind, breath and body, and keeping yourself comfortable both physically & mentally while meditating.

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Book in for all 4 weeks to receive these bonuses:

  • Notes so you can meditate at home

  • Your own set of mala beads to take home with you

    (we’ll show you how to use these in the workshop)



$87 for all 4 weeks booked in advance

$25 per session on the day if not sold out beforehand

  • personalised attention

  • increase bodily awareness in stillness

  • a variety of take-home techniques