Yoga timetable for summer 2015-16 (edited Nov 13 2015)

Starting November 1st. All classes at our studio except Sunset Yoga. Address provided upon booking. Contact Sam to book 0412 515 961

Starting November 1st. All classes at our studio except Sunset Yoga. Address provided upon booking. Contact Sam to book 0412 515 961

From November 1st the yoga timetable will be expanding our yoga timetable to go with our recently expanded massage hours.

Massage is available: Monday 8-12noon; Thursday & Friday 9am-7pm; Sunday 9am-6pm - opening special $50/hour until December 31st. Click here for more information :)

Sunset Yoga will continue on Fridays and Sundays in Endeavour Park, Newport, at 4:30 until the end of November then move to 5pm from December to avoid the heat. We are at the Oyster Point Parade end of the park not far from the playground equipment.

As Redcliffe Yoga and Massage, I will provide a variety of yoga and meditation classes in a quiet, relaxing studio, one block from Scarborough State School. Address will be provided upon booking – please text 0412 515 961 or PM here on Facebook.

ALL classes are in the studio EXCEPT Sunset Yoga

All classes focus on keeping yourself safe within poses. The classes are gentle but offer strength, or in the case of Yin classes, gentle and meditative. ALL classes are suitable for beginners with options offered for all levels.

We look forward to see you soon!


Prices from November 1st, 2015

Prices from November 1st, 2015

Types of Classes:

While we do not yet have kids or mums and bubs classes, there has been a request, so if you are interested, please let me know so we can get something started for you :)

Beginner classes:

For the true yoga beginner, or anyone who would like a refresher on breathing techniques and ways to keep yourself safe during a general class. Each week building on the basics to show everyone that they CAN do yoga, it’s just a matter of finding the best way for you.

Gentle strengthening:

Many people have back or other injuries that would benefit from a stronger core and base of support. Learn how to work those bases for you to build the muscles you need in the places you need to support your movements in everyday life. The class has gentle movements held long enough to build the strength you need.

Hatha yoga:

A series of individual poses designed to stretch and strengthen your body while calming your breath and your mind.

Mummy mind & Body Recovery

Pre- & Post-Natal appropriate

Originally a private class, this class was started for pregnant women and beginners, as well as experienced yogis looking for a slower class that included strengthening and relaxation. One of the ladies dubbed it 'mummy body recovery' and so the name stuck. We start with a mix of stretch and strengthen and finish with restorative and mindfulness.

All mums and mums-to-be are welcome, of course. Also any women who would like to de-stress, wind down and take 75mins for themselves mid-week. Pre- and post-natal women are welcome at all classes, just be sure to let me know :)

Men’s classes:

There are a lot of men who end up injured from their work or hobbies. This may be because they spend a lot of time strengthening, but not so much time stretching. It may be because of the competitive world we live in, always encouraging us to go a bit further, to do a bit more. Either way, not all men are comfortable in a general yoga class.

By offering men’s only classes, I hope to get more men trying yoga and finding the benefits for themselves to reduce injury and stress, to recover faster from injury. By leaving aside the competition of sports, by learning to use the breath to regulate movement, the chance of being injured is reduced. Each day we spend so much time going full on, that we don’t have time to stop, breathe and relax. By learning to stop, and be comfortable with that, we can learn to listen to our bodies more and notice if we are leading ourselves towards injury before we get there.

Try a few classes to see if you like it - once is not enough, but if your don't feel better after a few classes, then it's not your thing. All good :)

Men are, of course, welcome at all other classes as well!

Sunset Yoga:

Our original class. In Endeavour Park, Newport, on Fridays and Sundays in time for sunset. The pace and strength of the classes changes depending on the weather, but all classes are gentle with the focus on relaxing either into or out of the weekend. Bring a layer or two for the days when the wind picks up J

Yin classes:

In Yin Yoga, poses are help for about 5 minutes at a level that is comfortable for you. All muscles are relaxed, we use cushions to support our bodies so we can relax completely into the poses, releasing the fascia surrounding your muscles. The breath is important. The stillness of the mind is important. Listening to your body is key – to allow yourself to stretch in the best way for you.

If you are new to yoga and have thoughts going at a thousand miles an hour, this class may be more challenging. However, if you focus on your breath and listen to your body it can provide excellent stretching and relaxation. There is no strengthening in this class, so it is recommended that you have some other strength training in your week, or have a base of strength already build to avoid imbalances.

Some Yin classes also include restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is designed to help the body relax completely. Using cushions and blankets to build the equivalent of your own blanket fort to curl up in (kind of)! Supporting the body so it can return to rest and digest mode, allowing complete relaxation.