"Do you really think it helps?" An example of meditation at work

tulsi mala beads & satin cord

tulsi mala beads & satin cord

Yesterday I blew the engine on the blender, then the cook-top sparked, smoked and died. The day before our car had been backed into but thankfully details had been left on the windscreen (thank you for your honesty Mr 4WD driver). And for the past few days Flash Player has been crashing my browser every time I open a window with some Flash in it eg news sites.

Sounds like a bit of nightmare. But I'm all good. It's just stuff. (And we have a portable gas cooker and BBQ so we can eat.)

There is still the hassle of getting things fixed, replaced. Added stress in a busy life.

But it's still all good.

I'm a bit surprised really (as possibly my friends and family are). In the past I would have arced up and gone on about poor quality appliances and renovations, people not paying attention when driving and corporate giants refusing to talk to each other to solve software issues. I would've promptly been directed t anger management courses as I wasted the happiness of the weekend being annoyed at it all.

But how?

Probably meditation. Whether it's the moving meditation of the yoga, the breathing, the chanting, or the sheer concentration required for me to play the guitar while I chant, I don't know, but either way, it's working.

But how?

By changing how I react to situations, I reduce my own stress and avoid stressing others out. By accepting that's the way it is, I can reduce my own stress and avoid stressing others out. By breathing deeply and letting the annoyance and anger go, I reduce my own stress and avoid stressing others out. This was probably the first time I did not need to actively let go. There was just no negative reaction beyond a bit of a head shake.

I just felt that there was no point in getting upset. It wouldn't change the outcome. It would just stress out myself and the people around me. Yesterday, I just unplugged, switched off mains and sought fire safety equipment. A neighbour came to help pull the cook-top out to make sure the fire had stopped (Thank you!!!) and I went to teach yoga on the foreshore overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains.

So next time something negative happens, breathe before you react. Next time you feel the need for a loud outburst or scowling sulking (another of the favourites of the old me) in response to something that has happened to you, or even something less personal such as the news, breathe.
Accept that that is the way it is.
Then let it go.

If it is something that needs changing, then channel that energy into plans to solve the problems.

Well, it's easy to say!
Yes it is. I could not do this before. It was impossible. Even now I have trouble if I have missed meditation opportunities.

Find your own meditation. It may be a meditation, chanting or singing bowls class. It may be yoga, tai chi or qi gong. You may have other moving meditations that work for you - pottery, art, sport or music. Find what works for you. Then do it. Regularly. Every day for two minutes rather than once a week for ten.

If you don't take care of yourself, you cannot effectively take care of others.

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