Easy winter pickled veges

Salted turnip pickles

Salted turnip pickles

When I was at Yin Yoga Training in May, I had some homemade Japanese pickles with me, and there were requests for Japanese cooking lessons. We're not quite at the point of being able to offer cooking classes, but here's the recipe for a start :)

I made turnip pickles. I've never had turnips in any other form, so I'm not sure what they taste like or how to cook them except as pickles. You can also use daikon/lobok (the big white radish), standard red radishes or wombok (Chinese cabbage). A little carrot can be added to any of these for colour.

All of these make a nice addition to a winter Asian meal, whether it's soupy noodles or any dish with rice. It would probably work quite well with stews or curries as well.

L-R: Edamame (young green soy beans); rolled omlette; rice; turnip pickles; simmered tofu

L-R: Edamame (young green soy beans); rolled omlette; rice; turnip pickles; simmered tofu

At training I had a simple salted pickle:

  • Thinly slice a turnip (or whichever winter vege you have chosen)
  • Sprinkle with rock salt or sea salt
  • Leave for 2 - 24hrs
  • As required, take some, wash out the excess salt, squeeze out excess water and place on serving plate.

This can be fancied up with some sweet vinegar (to be added once plated):

  • Warm a little vinegar (rice, apple cider or any mildly flavoured vinegar)
  • Add sugar of choice to taste - enough to take the edge off the vinegar
  • Only warm enough so the sugar melts - the vinegar should not boil

The vinegar can be made in a batch of about 1/4 of a cup and kept in a glass bottle in the fridge and will keep for up to 6 months. Only a dribble is needed on the pickles, so you don't need to make very much to have enough to last a while.

If you have any questions let me know :)