Making Hay

Yesterday randomly fell together in such a way that about an hour before a particular seminar was to start in town (almost an hour from where I live), I was going to said seminar. Thank you to the wonderful Jenny for sharing over mid-morning-into-lunchish coffee and driving.

The previous evening Jenny had been to a different topic in the same seminar series, and was visibly helped by the information. Once we established it would be all over before dark, we were on our way.

The presenter, Karla, was wonderfully logical and clear in her presentation style. She used concrete examples of how this information had helped her. Of how if could help us all.

The presentation covered what anxiety and stress actually is. Fear. It then outlined ways getting to the root of our fears and dealing with them using Louise Hay's techniques. Now, as someone who has had to walk away from the egg section of the supermarket without eggs because I could not choose the 'right' eggs to buy (just after the 10,000hen/hectare allowance was made for 'free range'), I understand stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. So it was wonderful to have it all clearly, logically broken down so that the core issue could be dealt with.

I have had an issue in the past with the airy fairy statements made by proponents of positive thinking, enough to make me step away, even though I could see the techniques were logical. However, the way Karla presented the information made it more accessible and easier to ingest than talk of 'attraction' and 'manifestation'. It probably also helped that her presentation style was very professional and to the point.

It would seem a lot of the techniques are also used in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and have been shown within Western Psychology to work.

There is a series of free workshops on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, before a full weekend workshop in Wavell Heights next weekend (April 8-10th). I would go to the workshop if I was not already working (or had known about it sooner to find cover). Instead, I am going to spread the word here, and hope that this may be something that can help you.

I have no affiliations with this course, or the presenters. I just thought there may be some of you who can go to one of the remaining 3 free workshops, or some of you may like to go to the full weekend 8th-10th of April.

I will try to find out about the next one well before it occurs, so I am able to attend.

If you need any further information, click this link or this link. Or on Facebook here and here.


Points that I took away from the free seminar:

We need to change the way we think

Listening to myself and those around me, I see that the way most of us think is probably based in fear and thoughts of what others think about us (whether they do or not). We tend to speak negatively of ourselves and others. Our negative self speak may be internal and not vocalised, but we listen to that all day everyday. It doesn't help. It needs to change.

Write things down to help you more

Whether it's analysing our thoughts to find our core beliefs about a topic or situation, keeping a journal, or listing the things we are grateful for, we need to write them down! Our memory is not infallible. We naturally have biases. If it's written down and we look back at the things written on a particular day, we will see the actual state of our thoughts, rather than reinforcing our perception of our thoughts.

Once you identify your core perceptions, you know what you need to change.

We can't change if we don't know what to change. Once we notice how we are actually thinking, we can do

There are books, workshops and people out there who can help, but if we don't actually use the techniques, nothing will change.

I know that if I do a particular exercise I will get stronger, but the knowledge is not enough. You need to actually do it to get results. I can't get to the weekend workshop, but I am going to borrow a book from a friend and get started. Let's see how I go :)