Self care

Yes. It's all about me.

Say it to yourself.

"It's all about me"

"I deserve this time to myself'

We feel guilty, but sometimes it has to be. If we don't replenish our own supplies, how can we continue to help others. Maybe you need a Yin & Restorative class rather than a power yoga class. Maybe you need a nap, a sleep in, a day to do nothing but read or watch movies or walk by the ocean.

Take the time you need to make sure you are able to keep yourself fit and healthy. To keep yourself happy and kind. To keep yourself, yourself. We become someone else when we get over-tired, over-worked, under-nourished (and I'm not talking about food nourishment).

Nourish your soul, your immune system, your mind. Nourish your heart.

This advice comes out of where I have been for the last few weeks...

Self-care is not about self-indulgence. It's about self preservation.

Audrey Lorde

I have been almost sick for a few weeks - since the sudden temperature changes kicked in. Needing to nap in spare time. Not being able to go for walks on the beach or get to classes for myself. To be fair, I have been teaching yoga 7 days a week for over 2 months as I was covering classes for others and also taught some TESOL. I need to learn to say no.

I have decided to cut out one of my classes that I go to in order to nourish myself, because it's all a bit yang - energetic, pushing myself physically and for time. As much as I love it, I need more yin at the moment. More quiet and calm. More restorative activities just for myself (in addition to providing it for you all, as that helps me relax too :) ).

I am not going to teach any yoga or TESOL classes on my days off over the school holidays so I get 2 days off for a couple of weeks.

I have closed a couple of classes. The ones that have had no one coming along for more than 4 weeks, since it cooled off. I will change Monday night 7:30pm to Yin & Restorative to see if I get a few more people along. If not, I will close it too.

I will be looking at getting another teacher in once numbers consistently increase to a level where I can pay them. Someone who also teaches calmly revitalising, restorative hatha and yin. If you know that person, tell them. If you are that person, come along to a class so we can discuss future options :)

My studio will remain a place where people can come along to just stop. Stop rushing. Stop worrying. Stop pushing. A place to just stop and allow the body to restore itself. To rest properly.

But if I do not rest properly, that will not happen. I don't want you to see me exhausted in classes. I just want you to see and feel my care for you all and my love of teaching.

Take care of yourself, so you can take care of everyone else in your life

Take care of yourself, so you can take care of everyone else in your life

So here is the new timetable. Share it around. Come along when you can. Let me know what works better for you and we will see what we can do :)

Click on the timetable for a downloadable version

Click on the timetable for a downloadable version