Pregnant? Or recently pregnant?

Positions can be adapted to allow everyone in class to do a variation of the same exercise

Positions can be adapted to allow everyone in class to do a variation of the same exercise

EDIT: Great news!!!!! We've just had our first yoga/Pilates/massage baby!!! (photo at bottom of page)

During pregnancy women's bodies change in both visible and invisible ways. The visible changes cause other effects - changes in centre of balance, difficulty breathing, difficulty moving around as easily as before. The invisible changes cause other issues that need to be taken into account: greater flexibility => greater risk of injury; inability to lie on the back or right side => discomfort in hips, shoulders, back etc.

Following pregnancy, the body will need a little time to work back up to previous strength levels. Gentle nurturing classes are important. Yoga to stretch out and strengthen (and to "just lie on the floor without being touched or jumped on" to quote a mum of 2 toddlers). Gentle Pilates is also a key to pelvic floor repair post-birth. With the care of a new baby shoulders and lower back can became tight as new daily routines are put in place. Massage and meditation can also help relieve this.

How we can help:

  • Strengthening in Pilates and Yoga to help with support increased flexibility as the pregnancy progresses
  • Stretching for the areas that get tight as the body changes eg lower back and hips
  • Mindfulness and meditation to help keep you on track as you organise for another life to move into your everyday life
  • Breath work to prepare you for birthing
  • Massage to release the tight spots and allow complete relaxation
  • The pregnancy cushion - to make massages comfortable and to sometimes allow you to lie on your front in yoga during your 2nd & 3rd trimester
  • Small classes - classes are small so each posture can be tailored for each individual in the room. Pregnancy can easily be catered for within these small classes.

Qualified instructors and massage therapist:

  • Sam - 350hr Yoga Australia-registered Instructor with Baby Bliss Yoga Pre- & Post-natal Yoga Training

  • Ryo - Diploma of Remedial Massage offering health fund rebates; Pregnancy Pilates qualified

Playing around at one of Dianne's final pre-natal yoga classes

Playing around at one of Dianne's final pre-natal yoga classes

Comment from the mum of our first yoga/pilates/massage baby:

Dianne started yoga & Pilates at 15 weeks, and continued until late in her pregnancy. Thank you so much Dianne for your kind words. We look forward to having you back in class soon!

"I've been going to Redcliffe Yoga and Massage now for 6 months and I cannot say enough about how happy I am that I found them! I started attending when I was 15 weeks pregnant :) Sam's Yoga classes are so wonderfully inviting. They have been super helpful in keeping me grounded and physically fit throughout my pregnancy. Ryo's Pilates classes are just fantastic too - a perfect balance of education and physical exercise! I feel very confident that the pelvic floor exercises will help me during the birth. I'm so grateful to have found them at the right time for them to have guided me through my pregnancy on what I can and cannot do. The pregnancy pillow has been super comfortable in yoga too and oh did I mention Ryo is a qualified pregnancy masseuse, it's a one stop shop for a healthy pregnancy :) Dianne"


to Dianne on the birth of Hamish!

If you have any questions about coming to class pregnant or would like a massage during pregnancy, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Sam (Yoga & meditation): 0412 515 961

  • Ryo (Massage & Pilates): 0431 742 912