Deep Desire Project

Explore what you really want and bring that into play in your life

4 women
1 all-day group session
1 private session

Image by Giulia Bertelli on unsplash

Image by Giulia Bertelli on unsplash


How often do you laugh, really laugh?

Are your energy reserves, delight and potential diminished?

If you crush yourself, refuse to listen to your deepest needs, then you are flattening yourself in order to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved.

When you’re so busy trying to be what everyone else wants, you can lose the bridge to who you truly are.

And if you don’t know who you are and what you desire how will anyone else know? 

Standing in your feminine presence, you

  • become more magnetic, powerful, energetic and compassionate

  • get things done with ease

  • be seen, heard and valued

  • is able to build meaningful, nourishing relationships

  • can create a business or work that you love

  • create more spaciousness, ease, joy and calm within yourself and your life 

Are you ready to receive?

picture: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

picture: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

 “…The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.” 


 Unleash your life force

  • Lighten and become the creator of your own life

  • Realise the potency and the infinite potential deep within you

  • Raise your emotional, physical, mental and energetic state so you can feel so much more joy, ease and spaciousness

Your life force is who you are in this physical life, it is what gives you form and energy.

It is your birthright to be alive,
& full of life

Do you feel this powerful life force surging through you? 

When you listen to what it is you really want and speak from your heart’s desire, you honour and value yourself and others.

When you do this, others truly hear you.

You feel safe to speak up because you know you are speaking your deepest truth. 

Your life unfolds in this space of potential and opportunity and you start creating opportunities and have a potent, healing, stabilising and loving effect on those around you just by being youyour expansive, compassionate and whole self

When you are in your fully alive state, you can create:

  • The intimacy and love you desire in your relationships.

  • Financial abundance that more than meets your needs, PLUS safety, comfort and the capacity to share wealth.

  • Relationships with your family and friends that nurture and hold you in love.

  • Relationships that need your love and nurture too. What a gift!

  • The business or job you love to work in, that brings ease and spaciousness to your life. 

  • An ideal client base in your business.

  • Meaningful and valuable content in your trainings, writing or coaching

  • Possibilities beyond your wildest dreams

  • and maintain your own higher vibration within the busyness of your own life and others’ energies

How much of your life force is diminished by worry or fear or just the busyness of your daily life?

If you feel like you are all over the place or life is lacklustre (in a low vibrational state), then you might:

  • Feel fearful

  • Think negatively

  • Judge and criticise. And this is often directed at yourself

  • Experience anger that keeps revisiting about others’ words and actions, people or events

  • Feel a sadness that’s always under the surface

  • Feel inadequate, or think you are never good enough

  • Compare yourself to others

  • Blame others

  • Be in a bullying or victim state

  • Get tired easily


Creating and putting into action from a fully alive state is so much easier.

Let’s do it!

Discover what you truly want in a full-day workshop + 1 follow up individual session where you will anchor the work you have done and put it into action in your everyday life.

This is about making practical, purposeful, real and powerful change in your life now.

The Deep Desire Day

  • In circle, all day, delicious whole food lunch included.

  • Open to 4 women only.

  • Coaching from Louise in circle.

  • Silent time for assimilation and reflection

  • Really discover what you want and how to bring that into play in your life.

  • Have the focus solely on YOU for a part of the day, with gentle coaching and space to fully experience it

  • The opportunity for YOU to feel the power of holding space for another… no fixing, no commenting, no judging, no needing to be right or the expert. When we let go of our needs, there is so much freedom. 

  • Raise and hold the energy for yourself and everyone else in the group. If you need emotional support, if you are stuck in an old pattern, or the toxic habits return as they tend to, sharing them allows something else to come into play. The group helps to hold the space for you while you explore, shift, let go…whatever it is that you need.

  • As you lighten and expand, everyone in the group does too. One person lightens their load, everyone benefits.

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The individual Deep Desire Sessions

  • Private 1-hr coaching session

  • The session will be tailored to what has been happening for you since the Desire Day.

  • You will have opportunity to revisit the desire and the life force to make sure you are still able to sit in this and follow through on the energy, the inspirations, the ideas and the steps that arise.

  • This is about bringing this energy, this change through into your life so that you can create what it is you really desire and make it happen.

  • This is a practical and powerful facilitation, so that you get the most out of your investment

What do you really want?

  • It’s easy to come up with an answer… right?

  • Does that answer make you feel alive and potent and tingly with excitement and energy?

  • Or does your energy sink? You might feel exhausted or overwhelmed or just flat.

When you listen to your deepest desires, to what you truly want, you might be surprised with what arises and how it makes you feel.

The secret is to let yourself feel the raised energy in your body, through your whole being and hold it, even if you have no idea how you can fulfil this desire, even if your busy head doesn’t believe it’s possible.

And then magically the world, your circumstances, events change and shift and align with your desire, opportunities offer themselves to you, potential ripens, life bends and warps around you.  


Hi, I’m Louise Geary. I am a coach, trainer and facilitator and I do a lot of work with women reconnecting to the feminine within themselves. So often as women, we can get busy and stressed and lose sight of who we really are, what it is we really want and how to deeply enjoy being alive. Until we stand fully in our bodies, here and now it can seem like an uphill battle to create meaningful relationships, work that we love, calm, spaciousness and joy in our lives.

I do this work because I needed it so much myself. I spent many years not liking me, feeling unhappy with my life and just getting through the days. When I learnt the power and the grounding of being fully in my feminine presence, I realised how important it is for all of us to be fully alive and to live every moment. I wish that I had known how to be this comfortable in my own skin, when I was younger.

I love to facilitate groups because when a woman is supported and witnessed by other women in a safe space, she heals the pain of the “not good enough” culture, she learns to feel good about herself, to recognise her own value and to create healthy, loving community around herself. I see this as a powerful and practical way to create a healthy, vibrant world community… one step at a time.

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