Q: How much, when & where?

A: Prices and times are listed on the relevant pages. See the Yoga page for yoga and meditation pricing and times. See the massage page for massage pricing and times.

Sunset Yoga is in Endeavour Park on Endeavour Esplanade in Newport. It is at the Scarborough end near the playground on the corner of Endeavour Esplanade and Oyster Point Parade.

Studio yoga, Massage and meditation are located just one block from Scarborough State School. You will receive the address when you book in for a massage, yoga or meditation. No hawkers please.

Q: What kind of yoga/massage do you do?

A: Massage types are listed on the massage page - we have quite a variety to choose from.

Our yoga is a relaxing hatha style or Yin yoga. Poses are help long enough for you to be able to locate and feel the stretch while providing strengthening and core work as well. You will be able to become more aware of the different sensations in your body, have time to focus on the breath and use it to feed your strength and aid the stretching process. While there is a 'flow' it is not as fast as a classic vinyasa style. Each class starts with a breathing exercise and finishes with a meditation and relaxation.

Life is hectic enough, yang enough, draining enough. This style of yoga will help you relax, slow down, balance the yang with some yin, and provide mental and physical restoration through the slow moving meditation of yoga.

Q: What happens if it is rainy for Sunset Yoga? / Do you have an indoor yoga venue?

A: There are limited indoor spaces available for yoga tf it rains and we are unable to do yoga in the park. Please check the Sunset Yoga Facebook page for updates on the weather situation, or contact Sam on 0412 515 961 to confirm 1 hour before class.

Q: I don't think I'm flexible enough to do yoga...



C: I can't do yoga! I've tried it before and I couldn't do the poses...







Q: What do I do if I can't breathe smoothly while holding a yoga pose?


C: I can't do Pilates! I've tried it before and it was hard /my back/neck/shoulders were sore afterwards

A: Yoga is for EVERY body. Yoga is designed to make you flexible - you do not need to start flexible. You will work on your flexibility bit by bit each class you attend. Saying you are not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you are not well enough to eat healthy food.

Response: Everybody and every body can do yoga. If you can observe your breath and get a stretch, you are doing yoga. Even if you are not in the same pose as the instructor or other practitioners, if you have a stretch or a strengthening sensation and you are able to breathe smoothly while in that position, then you are doing yoga. Yoga is non-competitive so there is no need to compare yourself to others, or to yourself on a different day, or to even compare one side of your body to the other. Most of us have a dominant arm or leg, so our muscles will be tensioned differently and our skeletons may even be a slightly different shape side to side.

A: Ease out of the pose a little, or completely. Move to a place where you can breathe smoothly keeping the stretch, or if that is not possible, move out of the pose completely, then rest until you feel comfortable to move into a pose again.

Response: We offer pre-beginner and beginner Pilates. Our small group classes move slowly and the instructor regularly checks that you are activating the right muscles and that other muscles are turned off to avoid straining areas you are not using. See this blog post for an explanation about good Pilates instruction, or this one highlighting the differences between Pilates & Yoga