Giving Back

We like to think the services we provide will help the people, so we support animals financially.
Sam also provides free yoga for different causes at different times of need.

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Peninsula animal aid

We loved and supported PAA even before we moved to the Peninsula.

All staff are volunteers. They have a no kill policy. They are helpful and kind. And they are usually doing way more than you would imagine possible with the budget and number of volunteers.

I don’t get political often, but I support these basic tenets:

  • Adopt don’t shop

  • Pets are for life

  • Personally know the people you give animals away to for free



Koh chose me when I went to PAA to meet another cat who was less interested.

He was about 3 years old at that time and had been there for 3 months before we adopted him.

A gorgeous boy, he’s very affectionate and patient (with humans). He loves his food, and everyone else’s, so has a bit of a complain when he is kept away from our food and other' cats’ plates.

He was upset when we took a private rescue a few years ago, and the gorgeous Ethel has upset him further. But he still loves his cuddles and is so patient with training the humans around him.

Ethel & Sam.JPG

gorgeous ethel

The lovely, skinny, wobbly, purry Ethel was found in the middle of a main road in peak hour traffic by a friend.

She is about 16, was starving and dehydrated when found, had multiple organ failure, osteoarthritis, is blind and mostly deaf (she can hear the kibble bag).

After a week at the vet she was much improved and not expected to last long, but I couldn’t let her go somewhere crowded with other cats, or to possibly be put down.

We had space and I had time to be there for her for the 1-2 weeks she was expected to survive.

We’ve now had her over 3 months. She wobbles about, washes her face and paws, hisses at the other 2 cats can eat and use the toilet herself. And she purrs like an engine. Gorgeous girl she is.