move with ease & joy

Feel more comfortable in your body.

Improve how it feels to move

We are all individuals

Experience the difference by taking care of your body in the best way for you

We offer classes, treatments, workshops and Mindfulness tours

Come to a class that is perfect for you

A way to move that is comfortable and challenging enough to improve your balance, joint mobility, flexibility and strength

A place to stop completely to allow your mind and body time to rest, relax and repair so you can improve your immune and digestive function, and move more freely

A judgement-free place of beginner-mind, of understanding, of welcoming

A place you can adapt the movement to meet your needs on any given day

Allow yourself to receive professional, effective massages

Have space in your day, in your life, just for you

Connect with like-minded people, and have a bit of a giggle

This month & next

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Providing yoga, pilates, meditation, massage and reiki services for the Redcliffe Peninsula through Redcliffe, Scarborough, Margate, Clontarf, Newport, Rothwell, and Deception Bay
Queensland 4020

We also provide Japanese Cooking Classes and Mindful Tours of Japan