Are you looking for conscious quiet during your travels

as you savour new experiences and immerse yourself in new places?

Imagine a whole week in the smaller towns & villages of Japan
with Japanese mindful activities each day

2 small group tours to choose from

Experience YOU within the stillness and quiet, even within one of the world's most densely populated countries.

As you savour your own space within the world moving around you, you can appreciate clearer thinking, re-establish your connection with yourself, the world around you, and what you really need.

Hone your senses as you immerse yourself in a variety of mindful experiences including mindful eating

Let your creativity flow as you bring your own unique flair into traditional arts such as calligraphy

Re-ground each day with mindful activity

Steep yourself in the craftsmanship and pride in tradition that supports these mindful gifts

Appreciate silence each evening to process and assimilate your day

Relish stepping out of your comfort zone with novel experiences you've possibly never considered doing before, so you can expand your horizons, feel a sense of achievement, and understand how other cultures stay calm in a busy world

Your guides, Ryo & Sam at Incense Ceremony - the incense wood, rules and burners

Your guides, Ryo & Sam at Incense Ceremony - the incense wood, rules and burners


  • ancient capitals

  • monastery villages

  • farming villages

Stay in:

  • temples

  • a traditional farmhouse

  • a hot spring hotel


  • calligraphy

  • incense ceremony

  • tea ceremony

  • the shamisen

  • gold leaf art

  • traditional dyeing

  • yoga (suitable for beginners)

  • meditation

Absorb the



Ease into silence, observing how quiet is used and appreciated within Japanese life

Witness the mindfulness that goes into the preparation of the food

Bathe in the fresh mountain air

Soak in the beauty of autumn gardens

Discover the mindful bliss of Japanese bathing in natural hot springs

Feel comfortable traveling in a small group (8 people, 2 guides)


your senses

Relish traditional Japanese food - fresh, seasonal and of the best quality

Discover real Japanese food - there’s so much more than sushi!

Sample the tingle on the tongue of a good Japanese sake

Take in the visual beauty of a formal Japanese meal

Sink into the comfort of futons in traditional accommodation

Luxuriate in a hot spring bath so you can relax completely and sleep well

Maintain space

for yourself

red room sam head down.jpg

Assimilate the experiences of each day with noble silence each evening and early morning

Time & space for you for sightseeing and self care each day

Discover mindfulness in the everyday - eating, moving, listening and speaking - so you can bring that calm home with you to apply aspects of it to your everyday life

Practice mindful communication skills, so you can be more you in different situations




Enjoy more space as you actively meditate in a new Japanese mindful practice each day

Empower yourself with stillness by settling into the silence of a zen meditation at a temple, or a bullet train trip

Take home self-care tips through your observations of mindfulness in daily life, appreciation of the tradition within the mindful arts, the food culture, and daily interactions

Understand how Japan is so safe as you experience the integration of ancient Shinto and Buddhist concepts into modern life

Apply the basic precepts of yoga (peacefulness, contentment etc) to your travel and interactions, allowing you to connect the ancient Indian practice of yoga with Japanese culture, spirituality, and modern life


Sandy test.png

“After mindful activities we were able to take in the beauty of our surroundings in a quiet and appreciative manner, even in crowds. Yoga or meditation brought to the fore the peace and serenity. We experienced some very spiritual moments when in temple grounds – quite special! We indulged in delectable delicacies which we would never normally had a chance to taste.

Being consciously quiet each evening brought on an inner calm prior to settling for the night.

I have no doubt that the beauty of mindfully-appreciated Japan will capture the hearts of all those who visit her.”

Sandra Manthey

Untitled design-9.png

“Travelling to Japan with Sam and Ryo was like visiting with locals. I never imagined the mindful activities would make such a difference, but it made me appreciate the beautiful scenery even more.

There was such a variety of experiences, the tea & incense ceremonies, Japanese archery, previously unknown foods, things to see and things to do.

I loved all of the mindful activities, and even went for a rickshaw ride one afternoon. I particularly enjoyed the calligraphy and Yuzen dyeing as I was able to focus on each brush stroke and then I had a lovely piece of work to bring home.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try new ways of being a bit more mindful in a different culture.”

Robyn Burton

Kyoto-style pickled vegetable

Kyoto-style pickled vegetable

Dietary Requirements:

Pescatarian and Dairy Free diets can be catered for - just let us know

Other dietary requirements cannot be guaranteed. There are some GF and vegan options in the cities, but these cannot be guaranteed in country towns or in accommodation where food is provided

skwg morning mist saka.JPG


Including at least 2 traditional options of temple, farmhouse, hot spring hotel. Twin in traditional style hotels. Triple in farmhouse.

Plus singles in western-style hotels

Dou - 道.png

Dou - the way of, the road

Feel more connected to yourself, other people and your surroundings by bringing your focus to:

  • 茶道 - Sadou - the way of tea = tea ceremony

  • 香道 - Koudou - the way of fragrance = incense ceremony

  • 書道 - Shodou - the way of the brush = calligraphy

  • Japanese activités ending in 道 - dou, have a process of steps taught to complete the task

  • Completing those steps mindfully is more important than completing the task to perfection

JMT activity pic.png

Dou & Mindful activities

minimum 7 experiences (different each tour):

- Koudou - incense ceremony
- Sadou - tea ceremony
- Shodou - Japanese calligraphy
- Kendou - Japanese swordsmanship
- Traditional Buddhist meditations
- Shakyo/Shabutsu - Heart Sutra/Buddhist art tracing
- Gold leaf art
- Shamisen - Japanese 3-stringed mandolin
- Traditional dyeing techniques
- Yoga (no yoga mat needed, classes are perfect for beginner to intermediate yogis. Advanced practitioners welcome to adapt poses)

JMT 1 map.png

Tour 1:

November 11 - 17th, 2019

Meet in Tokyo. Visit Kanazawa, Shirakawago, Koya-san temple stay, Asuka. Finish in Kyoto.

Calligraphy class, Incense ceremony Shamisen, Gold leaf art, Shakyo, Buddhist meditation, hot springs, Yuzen Dyeing, Yoga & Meditation

Travel to very different parts of Japan. From Tokyo, to a gold town, a mountain valley farming village, a mountain-top monastery village, to an ancient capital, then finishing in Kyoto. Practice mindfulness in so many different ways, including moving around the country.

Tour 2:

November 18 - 24th, 2019

Meet in Kyoto. Visit Kurashiki, 3 night temple retreat in Miyazaki, Yamaguchi. Finish in Osaka (option for Hiroshima)

Buddhist meditation, Incense ceremony, Tea ceremony, Kendo, Yuzen dyeing, mindful tracing of sutras, hot springs, yoga & meditation

This second tour has more of a retreat-like feel with us staying in a temple lodge for 3 nights, taking part in morning service as well as other mindful activities in the area. Stops made on the way to and from the temple to try different activities, see different scenery and apply mindful techniques as we travel into western Japan.


JMT bonuses mock up.png
  • A Welcome to Japan goodie bag - essentials for your time in Japan

  • A Mindful Japan Bundle - techniques and recordings to use during noble silence each day, and at home after the tour



Early Bird $5370

until March 31st, 2019

From April 1st, 2019: $5970

ONLY 8 places available on each tour

payment plan available

Choose your tour on the registration form

You'll receive:

  • accommodation - twin in traditional accomodation, including hot spring hotel. Possible triple in farmhouse. Single in western style hotels

  • land transport in Japan when moving as a group

  • daily mindful activities (including entry fees if required)

  • 1st day lunch

  • daily breakfast

  • 3 dinners

  • Japanese speaking guide for mindful activities

  • small group with maximum 8 participants


  • airfares (and other transport from your home to meet up, drop off points);

  • visa applications or fees - please check visa requirements online for your passport

  • free time activities

  • transport to meet up point, from drop off point, or during free time (unless covered by passes used in the tour)

  • taxis, or transport of luggage

  • SIM card rental and/or communication costs within Japan

  • souvenirs and other spending

  • meals not mentioned above

  • travel insurance - compulsory - please organise as soon as you book

Locations and activities may change due to availability or events beyond our control. All attempts will be made to visit similar locations and undertake different mindful activities if this happens.

Ryo & Sam seiza smile.jpg

Join Us in Japan

Ryo is originally from Nagaski in western Japan. He moved to England to study when 19, where he ended up working with youth.

He provides great insight into the difference between the stereotypical Japan and cultural perceptions and the reality. Taught to meditate when in primary school, and brought up in what the Japanese consider a country town, he provides a local perspective, highlighting regional differences too.

Sam lived in Japan for 12 years, working and travelling over much of the country on foot, by bicycle and motorbike. Hiking the mountains, heading out to smaller towns and talking with the locals, she has a good grasp of Japanese language, an adoration of the food production, preparation and mindful eating processes, and an interest in the way mindfulness is such a part of Japanese modern life. She loves the way folklore is interwoven with spiritual narrative and daily practices of local people.

We want this tour to be right for you, so everyone can get the best out of their mindful experience.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Sam at

Your guides Ryo and Sam in June 2018 checking out places for the 2019 tour

Great food, new accommodation experiences, mindful activities each day

Have experiences and visit places you may not get to traveling alone

Small group - maximum 8 guests on each tour

Japanese-speaking guides

Several hours each day to spend as you please. Rest, meditate further, sightsee or shop

Free time planning support - visit temples, shrines, naturally scenic places, museums, go shopping

See our Japan Mindfulness Tours Facebook Page for photos of previous tours.

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