Mindfully Moreish

Japanese Cooking Class

Serenity Space Scarborough - Saturday March 16th 2-5pm


Mindfully more

Connect to your senses as you delve into the simplicity of home-style Japanese food.

Become aware of the mindful approach to food production and use traditionally used in Japan.

Use mindful nutrition techniques to get more out of your experience with these new flavours:

  • Smell the aroma of the different teas on offer, and the roasting of the sesame seeds

  • See the differences in colour, size and shape of each ingredient

  • Feel the texture of sweets served with tea, the crunch of vegetables, the smoothness of miso, the of sesame seeds with each bite

  • Hear those textures as you eat

  • Taste the diversity of flavour brought into a single meal - the sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami - providing balance

Take home

  • The knowledge you need to make these simple, healthy dishes for yourself

  • A booklet of home-style summer recipes you can take notes in

  • A bit of hands on experience if you’d like to help

  • New adaptable healthy dishes to add to your repertoire

All dishes traditionally dairy free.

It’s easy to do gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, just let us know when you book in!

This is NOT a sushi making workshop. This is everyday, traditional home-style food.


Saturday March 16th 2-5pm

Serenity Space Scarborough


Allow yourself to enjoy the different tastes and textures, and the healthy benefits of this great cuisine.


  • 3 Japanese teas & 1 traditional Japanese sweet

  • new flavours and textures

Learn to cook & eat:

  • 5 home-style Japanese summer recipes

Take home:

  • new ideas

  • recipe booklet



Your instructor - Sam Seghers

Sam lived and worked in Japan for 12 years, learning about local foods and customs.

Once she met Ryo, she learned more about home-style cooking with local ingredients often being sent from Ryo's hometown of Nagasaki.

She loves sharing the mindful approach that the Japanese take to food from planting to after a meal.

If you have any questions contact Sam at: