Focussed classes including theory and experimentation to give the attention you need to different areas of the body so you can build ease, increase strength and range of motion for better movement

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Core - December 28th
friday 9-10:30am


Focus on the core

Find out what exactly it is, why it is important and what you can do each day to have it working FOR you.

When the core is weak the lower back, shoulders and neck pick up the slack leading to tightness and pain.

Come along for increased awareness of your own core, how to check if it’s doing its bit, turning off other muscles and new take-home exercises.

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standing stability - January 5th
friday 9-10:30am


While the core is integral to all stability, the feet and lower legs provide us with some of the most extensive feedback on the world we move through, if we let them.

Reengage the muscles of the lower legs and feet, learn to care for the muscles, fascia and joints, know what you can do to help yourself.

They say that moving your feet and toes is the same as using your hands for maintaining brain function as we age.

Feel more comfortable on and within your feet, be more stable as you move, stand and balance, and learn what you can do each day to keep that comfort, stability and brain engagement!


each month a new masterclass

Do Wednesday nights work for you? Or is a Saturday afternoon better? Maybe a Sunday morning?

Let me know when works for you so you can get more out of your yoga each month.