Core Masterclass

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Core - February 27th, 2019
Wednesday 7-8:15pm



Feel more stable,
more comfortable through the neck and shoulders and through the lower back

Balance better, more easily

Move with certainty and grace

Focus on your core

Once your core has a basic level of strength, it is easier to do other exercises and daily activities. It’s even easier to pull weeds out the garden (voice of experience!)!

Find out what exactly it is, why it is important and what you can do each day to have it working FOR you.

When the core is weak the lower back, shoulders and neck pick up the slack - build your core so they can relax again.

Come along for increased awareness of your own core, how to check if it’s doing its bit, learning how to turn off other muscles and new take-home exercises.



each month
a new masterclass

Focused classes including theory and experimentation to give the attention you need to each area of the body.

Designed so you can build ease, increase strength and range of motion for better movement