Mindful Menus

Home-style Japanese cooking classes

Delicious, healthy dishes, fun with friends, cultural learning
all in the comfort of your own kitchen, with your equipment

Learn to make simple, delicious, healthy meals in your home, with people you love

vegetarian, vegan, gluten free & dairy free menus also available with no loss of flavour



A traditionally mindful approach to food from planting to eating.

Learn aspects of mindful nutrition as you learn about each ingredient and its production, uses and flavours

Understand how the Japanese are so long lived

Find out how to use the ingredients you weren't really sure what to do with

cafe matsushima sm.jpg

Simple clear recipes

Recipes will be provided in hard copy, with suggestions for where different ingredients can be purchased in the future.

Explanations of unusual ingredients.

3 veges side dishes, one meat or tofu dish, a pickle and rice or noodle option depending on the season.

Please let us know your dietary requirements when booking so we can cater to your needs appropriately

Seasonal menus

Just like in Japan where seasonal produce is celebrated, we will have different menus for each season depending what fresh produce is freshest at each time of year. More warming dishes will be taught in winter. Cooling or stamina building dishes will be taught in summer.

If you have a special request though, we can do that at any time. For example you might like to learn how to do sushi the way it is typically eaten at home in Japan and that could be a single class.


Fresh Shiitake, morning market takayama, japan

Fresh Shiitake, morning market takayama, japan

Unagi Preparation, Narita Japan

Unagi Preparation, Narita Japan

hands on learning style

This is not a cooking demonstration. There will be demonstration enough so you know what to do, then you and your friends will prepare the food, making it easier to remember how to do it next time.

Once the food is cooked and plated, I will leave you in peace to enjoy the meal with your friends. Relevant instructions will be given for any dishes that are unusual and for the different types of sake if you chose to have some with your meal.


"My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a lunch where Sam led us through an authentic Japanese cooking class. We prepared an array of beautiful fresh food, everything from entree to dessert! There were lots of laughs and we all enjoyed getting involved. Sam provided us with printed recipes and ingredients lists so we have since been able to make some of the delicious recipes at home. I would highly recommend for a fun afternoon with friends or a dinner party with a twist!"

Kristen Foley

"We had the most awesome time – everyone, including the guys, were enthusiastically peeling and chopping under Sam’s instruction. We created a 6-course lunch which we then ate together. Japanese food is so tasty and healthy. It wasdefinitely not hard, and was not only informative, but we had a great social time as well. I would highly recommend this if you have a group of good friends that you want to get together for some fun while improving your cooking skills and repertoire at the same time!"

Cate Howard

 Available for brunch, lunch or dinner

fresh ingredients, staples & alcohol are not included in price

On the Redcliffe Peninsula

  • $380 up to 4 people

  • $45 per extra person

Off the Peninsula

  • add $30-50 per class, depending on distance

  • Please contact us to discuss

  • Before the class you need to go shopping for all of the fresh ingredients and some of the more easily bought Japanese ones.

  • A shopping list will be sent to you with pictures where necessary, once payment is received.

  • We will provide the more unusual packaged ingredients.

  • If you would like to have Japanese sake, or other Japanese alcoholic drinks, as part of your meal, let me know I will suggest some options and where you can buy them, and even throw in a recipe for an aperitif if you would like. Please ensure any drivers at the class drink responsibly or ideally are staying the night.


Sam Seghers

Sam lived and worked in Japan for 12 years, learning about local foods and customs.

Once she met Ryo, she learned more about home-style cooking with local ingredients often being sent from Ryo's hometown of Nagasaki.

She loves sharing the mindful approach that the Japanese take to food from planting to after a meal.

If you have any questions contact Sam at: