Mindful Japan Taster

Feel the stillness and calm of mindful practices with yoga and Japanese mindfulness & food

February 10th, 9am-1:30pm - Juma Health & Yoga, Tarragindi

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Mindful movement, gustation, observation and creation

Start the day with a stretch and a loosen up so you can feel more comfortable in your body. Soften into poses, move gently through strength builders, let the breath guide your movements. Settle into the more mindful aspects of the day by first jiggling out the fidgets! :)

Continue with a mindful tasting of different Japanese teas with a nutritious snack to balance the tea’s health-promoting astringency.

Sense the different flavours in the teas and the dishes prepared on the day. Learn mindful eating tips and some great simple Japanese recipes.



More than the tea, Japan comes into the equation further as we start to observe our surroundings, climate, the information provided to us by our own five senses.

Spark your creativity with your own observations of the world around you. Note down feelings, subtleties, a sense of atmosphere, colour or tone.

Then, experience the mindful way in which the food is traditionally prepared and eaten in Japan.

Following lunch you will have space with those images and sensations during meditation followed by time to create short poems in the Traditional Japanese style.



Taste the stark differences in the teas, then help as you learn to prepare a light summer tasting menu of cooling vegetarian dishes. All made to traditional, home-style recipes.

Take home recipes provided so you can bring them to your friends and family.

Japanese food is traditionally dairy free. On the day Gluten Free soy sauce will be used to ensure all dishes are also gluten free.

Where possible we use local ingredients - did you know wasabi is now grown in Tasmania and they are also growing some Japanese teas?

February 10th, 9am-1:30pm - Juma Health & Yoga, Tarragindi

Early bird Pricing until January 31st - $97
From Feb 1st - $115

Sam Seghers

Come along to share the joy of Japanese food and culture that 12 years living in Japan with a love of food and calm has given me.

I love making real food from actual food, and enjoy making it so everyone can eat it. I love adapting for different dietary requirements so everyone can enjoy the amazing flavours, nutritious combinations and sheer simplicity of cooking great Japanese hoe-style meals.

I am a yoga, mediation, mindful nutrition and Japanese cooking instructor, and Mindful Tours of Japan guide.

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