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Posture and alignment workshop

We are all different


Our joints are build slightly differently left and right within our own bodies, so we cannot compare our posture and position with anyone else's. With age, we end up habitually in less biomechanically optimal postures that can lead to headaches, sore backs, shoulders, hips etc. These take time to move back to a more neutral position and cannot be forced or rushed or we may end up injuring ourselves further.

Learn how to find the best alignment for YOUR body when you sit, stand, and move through yoga poses. Learn how to start moving your body back to neutral if you find that working at a desk, driving a lot, device usage, or any other habitual activity has lead you towards posture-based pain patterns. Learn if you need to stretch or strengthen or both.

Join Osteopath Dr Danielle Harris, Massage therapist & Pilates instructor Ryo Shitamichi, and Yoga & meditation Instructor Sam Seghers for 90 minutes of postural self-assessment, stretches and strengthening you can do at home, and ideas on which are better to help you.

$25 or 2 classes from your 6-class pass

Please text Sam 0412 515 961 for bookings and address details



Danielle completed her Osteopathic training at Southern Cross  
University and graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Science (3 years) and a Masters of Osteopathic Medicine (2 years). Since completing her university based studies, Danielle has undergone further training in specific neck and jaw complaints, lower back pain, paediatrics and children. In addition to this, she draws on her extensive knowledge in muscular stretching, strengthening, conditioning programs and postural care to help address all areas of a patients problem.


Ryo is our massage therapist and Pilates instructor. He is interested in making sure everyone is given the best information to help them improve any injuries or pain issues, using a broad variety of massage techniques and offering stretches or exercises to do at home. With Pilates, he ensures that each participant is doing each Pilates exercise in the best way for them - encouraging appropriate rest and readjustment of position.



Sam is our yoga and meditation instructor. With a background in Human Movement Studies, her focus is helping everyone find the best way to practice each pose for their body on any particular day. Learning to work with how you feel by becoming more connected to the feedback your body is the basis of safe movement. Helping to keep yourself injury free, to allow you to ease into poses and stretches, to gain optimal strength win no new pain



Click on the picture to go to the Facebook event

Click on the picture to go to the Facebook event

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