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Mindfulness Tour - Japan April 2018 Information Session

Scenes from the 2016 Japan Mindfulness Tour

Scenes from the 2016 Japan Mindfulness Tour

In April 2018 we are looking at undertaking our second Mindfulness Tour in Japan. The tour will have a maximum of 8 participants. Several people are already interested, so please let us know if you are keen.

If you think you would be interested, please come along to our information session on Saturday May 6th at 4pm.

During the tour there will be opportunities to try some or all of: Japanese Calligraphy, Ink Painting, Incense Ceremony, Tea Ceremony, Zen Meditation, Buddhist mindful practices, a temple stay, a stay in a traditional inn, hot springs, amongst other things.

In full disclosure:

This tour is NOT SUITABLE FOR vegans, full vegetarians or celiacs. Pescatarians will be fine, but will need to let us know in advance. If you are gluten intolerant but ok with a little, we can work around that - most things have soy sauce in them. If you are dairy intolerant there are many options, so please let us know

You will need to be physically fit - able to walk up to 20km per day, every day, and able to manage your own luggage (so we emphasise packing light :) )

You will need to be culturally adaptable - not only for food, but also be able to adapt to each situation to obtain the full mindful experience. Eg - talking it is frowned upon in public or on most trains, so you will need to be mindful of how much you talk and at what volume

We ask that you take part in a number of our yoga, pilates or meditation classes before going to Japan to work on mindfulness and fitness. If you are not local, we can discuss options, including local studios or Skype sessions.

There will be mindfulness activities available most days - we are aiming for half-day mindful activities/half-day free time. There will be one free day each in Tokyo and Kyoto. We are happy to give advice/help for your free time activities - be sure to ask before the day.

Many things in Japan cannot be booked until 2-3 months before, therefore there will be changes, so please be flexible.

The tour will be about $4000 plus airfares and most food. Details of inclusions will be provided at the information night.

Please text Sam on 0412 515 961 to let us know if you are coming so we can provide refreshments.

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