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Myofascial self care workshop - how to effectively stretch and self massage at home

We all get tight/uncomfortable at times when we can't get to class or a massage therapist. That those times it's great to be able to release some of the tension yourself with just gentle stretches and and a tennis ball massage.

Come along to learn where and how to use a tennis ball or 2 to release the fascia (the thin sheath around the muscles and joints) and muscles that tend to get tight in everyday life. We will also show very gentle self-massage techniques that can help release places you can't get to with the tennis ball. Why it works will also be explained.

Some of you may have already experienced a couple of the tennis ball placements. In this workshop we will take you through the whole body as well as going through the self-massage options.

Your guides:

  • Ryo - Diploma of Massage Therapy - 0413 742 912
  • Sam - Yoga Australia Registered Yoga Instructor - 0412 515 961

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