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Stop Completely! May New Moon Saturday 12th 2pm

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Picture yourself in the silence. Within the peace of time to yourself, with nothing pressing to do, just time to relax.

The new moon is a traditionally quiet time of the month, without the crazy energy of the full moon. Within yoga it is seen as the time for quiet gentle practices, and what is more gentle, more rejuvenating than restorative yoga.

The yin, the dark, the quiet, the time we all need to take just for ourselves to stop completely, to repair, to rebuild our Shakti qualities of feeling our lives are vibrant, have meaning and feeling good in our own skin. By stopping we allow time for our minds time to sort things out, and to let all those physiological repair processes to kick in.

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Do you feel like you need some downtime? Some time just for you?

As much as you love your family, do you just need a bit of space for yourself, or some time to lie on the floor without anyone touching you or jumping all over you?

Come along to three hours of stillness and quiet. Three hours of time, just for you. Time with the cushions and blankets, the blocks and bolsters, the eye pillow and breath.

Limited to only 12 places
Book in advance by text to Sam 0412 515 961 to pay by EFT or pay by credit card through the 'Register now' button below.

Payment of $50 to be made in advance through the link below. Full address provided following booking. Book with a friend to get $5 off each - just $90 for the two of you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask xx

Legs up the wall pose - the ultimate in relaxation!

Legs up the wall pose - the ultimate in relaxation!

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