Sound Bath Relaxation


4 weeks of stillness,

4 weeks of calm

sound resonating, washing over you as you relax back

Feel yourself supported by all the cushions you need, in complete comfort

Let yourself reset, reboot, re-energise with 4 weeks of back-to-back sound bath relaxation

March 5, 12, 19, 26th - 7pm

Amanda Mackay head shot-600x559.jpg

Join Amanda Mackay as she guides you through each cell of your body as you follow the vibrations of singing bowls, tuning forks and other sound equipment.

Enjoy the group sound bath and also individual waterfalls of sound as Amanda moves around the room showering you with even more of the sound vibrations you need to help you relax further

Places are limited so book in early to secure your spot

Book in for all 4 sessions:


$25 per session

individual session will only be sold if there is space remaining