If you’re new to Yoga

Yay!!! It’s so wonderful to have you coming along to classes.

Please look over this page so you can be comfortable in class both physically and mentally.

Physical comfort

Same pose, different bodies

Same pose, different bodies

Your body

It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe during class.

You can do this by moving smoothly into AND out of poses. Gently easing form one position to the next.

Use props as you need to keep yourself able to move smoothly and comfortably.

You are the first to hear your body’s signals. By the time an instructor knows you’re in pain it can be too late.

So, listen to your body. Keep to a comfortable discomfort - always pain-free. if something does not feel right for you, please do not do it. Let us know and we’ll give you something different.

All good, you probably won’t be the only one in a slightly different pose.

Tie-dye welcome ;)

Tie-dye welcome ;)

your fashion

Wear clothes that you can move comfortably in. Enough softness for full shoulder and hip movement.

In India, people do yoga in their regular clothes - loose cotton pants and shirts.

So you don’t need any special clothes, they just need to be comfortable, easy to move in and not have buttons or buckles etc as these can be uncomfortable to lie on.

Soft, stretchy and easy to move in.

Please make sure you have enough coverage to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions - women and men both ;)

Have a water bottle to complete your ensemble so you can stay hydrated during class.

Mats and props available for use

Mats and props available for use

your classes

These classes are for you. So make sure you’re getting the most from each class.

Set up near the air conditioner if you tend to run warm, at the other end if you tend run cool in summer. Opposite in winter.

Grab a blanket at the start of class, if you think you’ll need it, or ask for one if you find yourself cooling down for meditation.

All the equipment is at the back of the room - as you become more aware of what your body needs to be comfortable, grab what you need to use regularly during class.

At the end of class, please put all your props back.

If you’ve borrowed a mat, please wipe it down with the cloths provided, then leave it to dry.

Mental comfort

The studio is a space of peace and comfort. In order to keep it safe for everyone to relax, please:

  • Turn your phone on to ‘do not disturb’ or ‘airplane mode’

  • Leave your day outside - it’ll be waiting for you when class is over

  • Keep conversations quiet inside the studio, or feel free to talk outside

  • Keep conversations and comments positive

  • No unsolicited advice

  • If you are after some help, feel free to ask