Branding photos

for wellness professionals

Let your warmth and compassion shine through

Share yoga poses that embody your classes

Get photos for your website and social media that show who you are as a wellness practitioner or yoga teacher



settle in comfortably

have a giggle

let the smiles come to your eyes

let the compassion of your offerings come through

social media friendly

Have space to create event covers, social media posts and posters

Bring YOU into each picture with your brand colours

Warm or cooler picture options to match your colours

Add props to communicate your business so the people who need your services can find you

poses you need to demonstrate your yoga

Showcase YOUR yoga

Share the poses that will help your people

Help your people know that you are the best yoga teacher for them

Sam DSC_3280 CU L smile.jpg

Hi, I’m Sam, I’ve been taking photos since I was 12. Animals, friends & family, cycling, bands. I love taking photos that help people communicate where they are and what they do.

Come along for a session to draw the perfect clients to you.

Get a headshot for $25

Get 5 or more for $20 each

Pack prices on application contact me here

Branding photos, head shots, yoga poses, social media shots for wellness professionals including yoga teachers. Bring out your warmth and compassion to attract the perfect client for you. Located in Brisbane north, Redcliffe.