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Pilates with Ryo

Feel stronger. Find your balance more easily. Many people feel less pain as they strengthen their cores which allows the sore muscles to relax. 

Pilates works on strengthening the core muscles, especially the pelvic floor and Transverse Abdominus (TA) rather than the 'six pack' which alone is not effective for stabilising your body. We also focuses on activation of the glutes and shoulder stability, all areas that are allowed to weaken within the modern lifestyle.

Instructor: Ryo Shitamichi is qualified in Matwork, and Pilates for Pregnancy. Please text Ryo on 0431 742 912 if you have any questions or to book a private session. Or contact us here

Pre-beginner & beginner level pilates

These small group classes are for those with injuries and those who have found a regular beginner pilates class difficult to follow. This class will help build up the basics to help you through a general group class without the individual attention available in our small classes.

If exercise has been recommended to you by other practitioners, private classes are available to assist with your progress.

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"After Pilates I feel like I’ve done something good for myself."

Dianne Jordan (Pilates, Yoga & massage - regular & for pregnancy)

Group classes

Small group classes with a focus on getting the right muscles working and the others turned off.

Years of using lower back, shoulders and neck muscles to stabilise, instead of the core, can lead to tightness in these areas.

By focusing one turning off those muscles as you activate the core you can train your neck, shoulders and lower back to relax, while you engage the core so you can be more stable, more mobile and far more comfortable.

See the link above for the pilates class timetable and pricing. 

Private classes

Private pilates classes are available to provide more personalised attention to meet individual needs. First, an assessment will be conducted to identify tight and weak muscles and the effectiveness of current postural alignment. A personalised program including facilitated stretches will be designed based on this assessment and conducted under the observation of the instructor.

Suitable for pre- & post-natal strengthening, those with injuries, and beginners.

Wednesday (10am-6pm)
Saturday (10-6pm)
Sunday (8-2pm)

Private classes:
                      1 hour = $60;

                      30 minutes = $40