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Mindfully more

more comfort

more range of movement

more self-awareness

more self love

more self care

more self confidence

more self respect

more you

More Ease

Feel more comfortable in your body.

Improve how it feels to move, cook, eat & travel

Work with your individuality

Experience the difference by taking care of your body in the best way for you

classes, workshops, cooking classes, Mindfulness tours, photos

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offered in the best way for you

Yoga and meditation for you, as you are, on any given day.

Stretch, strengthen and relax at the level that works best for you adapting postures wot suit your body, no mater what it’s been through with you.

Show your body how much you love it by bringing both movement and relaxation into your regular routine.

Learn to love your body - even the bits that annoy you at times - by choosing the best level, adaptation and cushions for it each time you come along to class.

And it can be completely different each time depending on weather, what you’ve been doing, what you haven’t been doing, what you’ve eaten or drunk in the previous few days. All of these thing change the way our bodies feel each day, so work WITH your body

Taste the flavours and mindfulness of Japanese food, from planting to digestion - yes, it goes even further than paddock to plate!

Build your repertoire of simple, healthy AND delicious meals that you can share with family and friends.

Become more aware of the healthfulness of different ingredients and how to prepare them.

Bring new flavours into your daily life

If you love the Japanese food and would like to take it further, then join me in Japan form a Mindfulness Tour. A week of traditional Japanese mindful activities, yoga, meditation, Japanese food and traditional accommodation. Hot springs, temples, a farm house and western-style hotels too.