Stop Completely!

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3-hour New Moon Restorative Yoga

retreat for half a day

Next class
Saturday June 1st 2-5pm

feel the support of the cushions, the comfort of the blankets, the coolness of the space

make yourself completely comfortable

lose track of time and come out feeling like you’ve had a full-night’s sleep

Picture yourself in silence.

Within the peace of time to yourself, with nothing pressing to do, just time to relax.

The new moon is a traditionally quiet time of the month, without the crazy energy of the full moon. The time for quiet gentle practices, and what is more gentle, more rejuvenating than restorative yoga. So, within Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine), it is considered the best time for the mind and body to stop, re-energise, and repair.

The yin, the dark, the quiet, the time we all need to take just for ourselves to stop completely, to repair, to rebuild our Shakti qualities of feeling our lives are vibrant, have meaning and feeling good in our own skin. By stopping we allow time for our minds time to sort things out, and to let all those physiological repair processes to kick in.

So, what better time to lie down, working through a variety of poses to allow your body to move back to the rest, digest and repair mode. To reduce the levels of stress hormones running around in your body.

complete comfort

Feel completely supported. Completely comfortable. 

We use the cushions and blankets to make ourselves completely comfortable within each pose so you can turn off almost every muscle allowing your body to stop completely.

Your immune system will take this time to repair and restore the cells in all parts of your body

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your body is perfect

So, support it exactly where it is at on any particular day.

You can adjust each pose to make sure you are comfortable. To make sure you can relax, so that you can heal yourself by taking this time just for you.


complete relaxation

By relaxing completely, you reduce the cortisol and adrenalin in your system. 

This allows your digestive and immune systems to do their work so you can feel better each day, so you can be who you want to be at home and work, so you can be the best you.

Invest $50 for 3 hours to Stop Completely next new moon! 

Register now through the link below.

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