New pricing for the New Year.

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Only until December 9th, 2018.

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Class types:

Sunset Yoga: Gentle Hatha Yoga overlooking the bay and Glasshouse Mountains as the sun sets. In Endeavour Park Newport, just down from the intersection of Oyster Point Pde & Endeavour Esplanade 

Hatha & Yin: Gentle strengthening and stretching yoga combined with Yin Yoga poses. Yin Yoga stretches out the fascia of the body, rebalancing the meridians used in Chinese Medicine. Poses are supported with props and up to 5 minutes long

Foundation Builder: Building on the base of the foundation Yoga day intensive. There is more explanation of techniques, and some more strength building.

Pilates: Pre-beginner and beginner level. Focussing on using the right muscles and turning off the others. Ryo runs these classes

2018 Prices:

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2019 prices:

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