Yoga for Anxiety

3 hours of practical strategies for you

to manage the day-to-day impacts of anxiety

Sunday October 20th 10am - 1pm

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash


Anxiety is one the most common mental health issues in our society, having an enormous impact on our sense of self, physical health, relationships and daily life.

Having struggled with anxiety herself, Nat shares these practices to provide you with practical strategies to manage the day-to-day impacts of anxiety, and build a supportive lifelong practice.

Anxiety can be influenced and composed of many things, whether that be the changing nature of our world and relentless pace; fear of future; changes in our nervous system; feeling isolated; stress; seasons and climate; or our internal world and thoughts.

Too easily we can blame ourselves, however this only serves to keep us feeling stuck.

By recognising the different components of our experience of anxiety, we can find freedom and ways to live with more ease and contentment.

Through yoga, a practice which encourages awareness and connection, we can build our sense of emotional well-being, confidence in ourselves, and balance in our lives.

Learn, discuss and explore:

  • Gentle yoga postures to support your emotional health and how that is experienced in the body

  • Specific breathing practices that can help soothe anxiety

  • Guided meditation practices to help cultivate inner stillness and peace, and a return to your true nature

  • Relaxation practices to build your skills in being able to slow down and let go

  • Self-inquiry to raise awareness of your experience, and thus start to learn to know yourself better, and what works for you.

These practices have been carefully selected to:

  • help nurture yourself

  • remind you how you can support yourself towards healing.

You will also receive a handout of practices to implement these learnings when you get home.

Your facilitator:


Nat Scales

A qualified Counsellor and Yoga teacher. She has been working with individuals and groups in the field of mental health for over 10 years.

Nat states, “I believe in the gift of Yoga to nurture and support us towards a place of more joy, self acceptance, health and healing. I am passionate about providing a space for people to find a sense of belonging and a place where they can truly be themselves.”

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Sunday October 20th, 10am - 1pm


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