Yoga for Blokes by Blokes

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No Lycra Found Here…

Find sweat, groaning muscles, and an increased heart rate 

Perfect for beginner to intermediate students.

  • Learn to work WITH your body, not against it - work with your knees, your hips, your back

  • Build your flexibility and functional strength to help avoid injury in daily life

  • Loosen off muscle tension that builds at work, when driving, at the gym, sports or slouching around on the couch.

Small classes with a focus on individual attention


Who is Guy?

Guy draws upon his experience as an Ex-Army physical training instructor and qualified fitness instructor with certifications in multiple yoga disciplines to put together classes based on the type of exercise men love to do.

He draws on all of the aspects of fitness he is interested in, including ancient warrior training tools such as clubs and maces to create a unique yoga blend for men.

If you have any questions or would like more information you can call Guy on: 0438 380 334 or Facebook PM at -

Book in here:

5-class block pass - come to ALL 5 classes from August 28th

3-class trial pass - try it out - come along to ANY 3 classes over 6 weeks to see if you like it

6-class flexipass - can’t come every week? Come along to any 6 classes over 12 weeks